by @shifabakeology

For this cake I have applied the Spring mesh stencil and have used Swiss meringue buttercream on whipped white chocolate ganache to achieve this effect.

I started by using a small flexible spatula to add a little amount of buttercream and then firmly pressed against the design on the stencil. Once I was happy I took the buttercream off with the spatula and placed it on the next section until the whole design was covered.

The most important tip I would give is to make sure your cake is fully firm as you need to be pressing a little hard when applying the buttercream. This ensures that you come away with a crisp design once you pull the stencil away. Secondly, make sure your stencil is clean before your start. If you’ve stencilled once and you want to go around the whole cake, you would need to wash and dry the stencil. If you don’t then the stencil design does not come through clearly.

By Shifa Choudhury @shifabakeology