Expert Tips for Mesh Stencils

Mesh stencils are made from a fine mesh material which allows for application of very detailed designs onto your fondant and buttercream cakes.

While they are perfect for using with royal icing on fondant covered cakes as they leave a perfect stain on your fondant surface, they also work great on ganache. There are so many varying combinations and types of icing that can work with these stencils.

Since there are so many varieties of buttercream icings all around the world, it is almost impossible for us to confidently say that these mesh stencils work with each one. What we do know is that they work well with any buttercream that is hard crusting or sets hard once chilled. This is not to say that they don’t work with other forms of buttercream icing, however they may require some trial and error to work out the best method that will work with your icing.

Check out this library of amazing cakes made by using our mesh stencils effectively using a variety of icings in so many ways.

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