For this cake I have applied the Spring mesh stencil and have used Swiss meringue buttercream on white chocolate ganache to achieve this effect.

I started by using 4 small pins to adhere the stencil to my cake which was sitting on an upturned bowl so the stencil pattern could be brought right down to the base of the cake.

I then mixed a deep blue Swiss meringue using Colour Mill in Navy. I applied the buttercream cream from left to right using my cranked palette knife.

Finally I pushed the colour through using a relatively firm motion from left to right with my scraper and removed the excess buttercream.

Some tips include:
– Make sure your ganache is set firm, either leave the cake overnight or pop it in the fridge to chill for half an hour.
– Using Oil based colour such as Colour Mill thins the buttercream and makes it able to be pushed through the mesh more effectively.

By Gabby Asplin from