For this cake I have applied the Evergreen mesh stencil and have used royal icing on Swiss meringue buttercream to achieve this effect.

I first frosted my cake with Swiss meringue buttercream and then put it in the freezer for about 20-25 minutes until it was firm to the touch.

I made some royal icing and thinned it out so that it was a little bit of a runny consistency. I took the cake out of the freezer and applied the royal icing onto the mesh stencil using a silicone spatula. I then went back with a scraper to remove the excess icing.

Some tips include…

* Make sure cake is firm to touch. This will make it easy for you to stencil on the cake.
* Make sure your royal icing is a thin consistency so that it is able to get through the mesh.
* Let the royal icing set on the cake for about 30-40 minutes before putting it in the refrigerator. If you put it in the freezer, the cake will release condensation.

* Apply firm pressure as you apply the royal icing with a spatula. This will help to push the icing through the mesh.
* Scrape the excess icing off using a bench scraper, but apply a bit of pressure when removing it so that it pushes through the mesh.

By Sabah Naqvi from