by @meganlouise_cakedesigns

For this cake I have applied the Florence mesh stencil by Caking It Up and have used gold luster dust mixed with decorators alcohol on ermine buttercream to achieve this effect.

I started by covering my cake with a smooth coating of ermine buttercream. I used 3-4 drops of decorators alcohol to 1/4 teaspoon gold lustre dust (it was creative gold luster dust in the Dior colour).. Mix both together in a small vessel until the gold powder has dissolved and is a smooth paste which is not streaky or opaque.

Just as the mixture dries out (and it will), you can add just 1 drop of alcohol at a time to thin it back out until it’s too thin to use.

I then applied the mesh stencil and dabbed on the gold mixture ensuring even coverage.

Some tips include allowing the buttercream to firm up in the refrigerator before applying the stencilling. This helps to keep a neat tidy finish.
Apply the gold mixture quickly. Decorators alcohol is a drying agent & for this reason it’s imperative to work fast before it dries.

By Megan from @meganlouise_cakedesigns