by @with_love_she_bakes

For this cake I applied the Indigo mesh stencil with a dusty rose coloured American Buttercream on White Vanilla Bean American Buttercream to achieve this effect.

I started by frosting my cake as usual, but after the final base coat I put it in the freezer for about 20 mins until it was firm and super cold.

The dusty rose coloured buttercream I thinned out to a paint-like consistency using extra milk. I firmly held the stencil in place and applied the rose buttercream over the stencil, first using a palette knife, then scraping with an acrylic scraper.

Some tips include:
1. Make sure your base frosting is COLD & FIRM.
2. The buttercream that you’re using for the stencil needs to be runnier than usual (it should “blob” off a spoon held upside-down).
3. High contrast between base buttercream & stencil buttercream works best.
4. Scrape firmly over the stencil before peeling off to ensure enough of the buttercream makes its way through the mesh.

By Sarah from @with_love_she_bakes