by @cakefaceofficial_

For this cake I have applied the Florence mesh stencil and have used American buttercream on American buttercream to achieve this effect.
I started by covering the cake in American buttercream, smoothed the cake and then once satisfied, I popped the cake in the fridge for around half an hour.

For best results, it’s always better to keep the cake in the fridge for a few hours or even the freezer just so that you get a smooth finish once done applying the mesh stencil. It’s very important that the buttercream has set and the cake is firm.

The mesh stencils are amazing and the effect you can achieve really make your cakes stand out. There is a certain technique you do need to use to get best results and make the most out of your mesh stencils.

Firstly your cake needs to be cold and firm.

Secondly, you will need to make sure the buttercream you are to stencil with is a dark colour and is thinner in consistency than the buttercream you used to originally cover your cake as the thinner it is (not water like), the easier it will go through the mesh and make an imprint on your cake. Colour mill is a good option to thin your buttercream out as this is oil based.

Thirdly you need to push the buttercream through the stencil and then scrape off the excess, pressing down while you are doing this.
This will achieve best results ?

By Sahdia from @cakefaceofficial_