by @cas_cakery

For this cake I have use the Fleur mesh stencil and have used ermine buttercream on ermine buttercream.

My top tip for stencilling with mesh stencils… you want a very cold firm cake. I like to put mine in the freezer prior for around 25 mins. It needs to be hard and no moisture before you apply your mesh stencil.

In order for your icing to seep through the mesh your icing needs to be thinned down, I find using an oil based colour works to do this if you just add colour to a small bit of icing. Making sure it’s a more runny consistency and using ermine there already is no grit.

Push through with a flexible spatula and ensure you have a thick enough layer that had covered the full stencil part you’re wanting to show then use a scraper to go over it to help push it through.

Gently remove the stencil starting on one side and pulling towards you.

I suggest using a darker pigment then you actually want as mesh stencils are more of a stain and don’t leave texture behind.

By Cassie from @cas_cakery