Ganaching a Double Barrel Cake

Ganaching your double barrel cakes with ease! A cake being covered with fondant needs a perfect foundation and this is where your ganaching needs to be spot on. As ganache is made of chocolate it is important to prepare it in accordance with your climate. Generally the ratio for dark chocolate ganache to cream is 2:1 but in the warmer months I up my ratio to 3:1….sometimes even more. The ratio for white chocolate is usually 3:1 but once again in warmer months I alter mine to 4:1. This ensures that your ganache will set real firm and won’t start to melt as you smooth your fondant.

A helpful trick before you reach the ganaching stage is to let your cake settle so all possible air bubbles escape. I simply do this by placing a board on top of my filled cake then rest a floor tile on top. This will weigh the cake down slightly and eliminate any air pockets.

Another helpful tip is to make sure once your cake is ganached and it has set real firm, if you have placed your ganached cake in the fridge (I don’t find I need to do this when I up my ratios as mentioned above) to make sure it is well and truly back at room temperature before covering with your fondant. If it is even slightly cold it will create bubbles under your fondant as the cold air tries to escape.

Hope this video is helpful