Achieving A Smooth Buttercream Finish

Achieving a smooth finish on your buttercream cake prior to stencilling onto a cake!

To achieve the best results when stencilling onto a cake, it is always ideal to start with a very smooth cake surface. 

Caking It Up has a very cleverly designed cake scraper to use with their stencil range. They come in a set of 2 in the pack and are two different sizes.

The material used is acrylic. It’s lightweight, and features a beveled edge. This edge is the key to a perfectly smooth final coat. I find thicker acrylic scrapers can be more aggressive on the cakes surface. 

It is also important to note, that when smoothing out your chosen medium, a light hand when scraping is must. If too much pressure is applied to the scraper, air bubbles or bumps can form on your final coat. You may also find that you’re scraping off more, instead of smoothing.

  • Your crumb coat needs to be completely chilled before applying your final coat.
  • Ensure you have a non slip mat placed on your cake turntable, so the cake doesn’t move when smoothing.
  • The length of your scraper should ideally only be an inch or two taller than your cake. This helps to stop ripples in your buttercream finish.
  • Holding the scraper with splayed fingers helps with stability and control of the scraper. 
  • Make sure your hand and wrist are relaxed so light even pressure is applied the the cake. 
  • Start smoothing your cake, by holding the scrapers edge at a 30-35 degree angle, to your cake. 
  • With each pass across or around the cake, remove the excess buttercream from the scraper. A clean scraper will assist with reaching that smooth finish! Ensure your scraper is dry, or your finish will be affected.
  • Scrape around the cake a few times. Fill in any areas that need more of your medium. Continue this process until the cake is smooth. 
  • It is always a good idea to stand back and look at your cake from all angles to make sure your medium is applied equally, straight up and down. 
  • Chill your final coat for 25 minutes, in the freezer, before attempting to stencil onto your cake. 

Produced by Casey from Cake by Casey Lee