by @pieceacake.nj

For this cake I have used the Quill mesh stencil with royal icing on Swiss meringue buttercream.

I frosted the cake, chilled it in the freezer for a good one hour then I mixed gold royal icing mix from Evil Cake Genius (or you can make your own gold royal icing with gold dust, icing sugar and water).
In the gold royal icing mix I added a bit of water till it was medium consistency and then I added some piping gel so that the royal icing doesn’t dry quickly upon applying to the cake.

I took out the cake, applied the mesh stencil on it gently and started applying this gold royal icing mixture. Once I applied a bit of the royal icing the mesh stencil was not moving so I easily applied the rest and in the end scraped off the excess with a cake scraper.
After that I gently lifted off the stencil and I was able to achieve a nice gold print on my cake.

By Unab ovais
From @pieceacake.nj